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             Artificial Intelligence Software

As a healthcare provider, medication adherence is always a big topic when caring for patients.  We want to see improvement in patients quality of life and health outcomes and when this does not happen after all has been said and done, medication non-adherence becomes a concern. Most times, it is very hard to trust that patients are really doing what they are supposed to be doing, which is taking their medications as prescribed. Good news! Through technological advancements, there is now is an artificial intelligence (AI) software  developed by AiCure that is capable of monitoring and visually confirming medication ingestion. The application can be downloaded on a smartphone and it can be used anywhere and anytime. Please note that since it is a way for healthcare providers to monitor medication adherence of patients, it cannot be manipulated by the patients themselves. It has to be customized specifically for you based on your health needs and it makes sure that the right patient is taking the right medication. The benefits of the software are to provide continuity of care to high risk patients, impact their behavior, increase medication adherence rates, allow them to be more connected to their providers, and decrease overwhelming health care costs. This software is being used to manage medications for major chronic diseases like schizophrenia, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis C, and stroke. It alerts/ sends messages to your healthcare provider if you miss any of your medication dose(s), "cheek" your medication, or if something goes wrong. Your provider will be able to track your adherence levels over time remotely.  The AI platform has the following features-

*HIPAA-compliant facial recognition 

*Automatic medication identification

*Real-time ingestion confirmation

*Fraud and duplicate enrollment detection

*No video review is needed

*Download application onto any smartphone

*Analytics allow for pre-emptive intervention

*Assistive technology for greater patient engagement

I believe as time goes on, the AI software will be able to effectively manage many more diseases. You should check it out below!

Note: The use of this software is limited at this time and may not be available to the general public. Only a couple of public health departments are utilizing this software to monitor patients with certain diseases presently.

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