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Personal Health Records- Patient Portals

Still want to do things the traditional way of pen and paper? Technology has taken over the healthcare industry and there is an ever increasing move towards patient-centered technology. There are numerous benefits of patient portals to you as a patient apart from what it does to the industry. This innovation has been proven to improve patient care and health outcomes, improve patient participation in their health by promoting active collaboration with their clinicians, and improve care coordination. We want to empower patients to participate in informed decision making regarding their health. By having access to your PHR online, you can do many things more efficiently than relying on your providers all the time. Access to your PHR allows you to reach your providers at any given time in the comfort and privacy of your own home instead of making those (sometimes) annoying long phone calls to your provider's office. Also, you can easily check your medical records and identify any mistakes, check test results, seek consultation without having to make copayments for a clinic visit, schedule appointments with different providers or specialists, and so on. Ask your provider or health insurance plan how you can get access to your PHR  via the patient portal and you will be glad you did.

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