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Mobile Blood Glucose Monitoring Devices

Are you a diabetic or do any of your loved ones have diabetes? This could be a complicated chronic illness to manage effectively. In 2012, about 21 million people in the U.S were diagnosed with diabetes (CDC, 2015). Poorly controlled diabetes can cause major health complications such as organ and system damage. Regular self -blood glucose monitoring could save lives. We all know that there are many electronic devices out there that can monitor blood glucose levels. How about an electronic device that would do that and more? Are you tired of carrying a log book around anytime you go to your clinician's office? One of these mobile devices might be for you. After all, we as nurses are educating our patients to empower themselves to take control of their health. The newest mobile devices allow clinicians to have close contact with their diabetic patients through continuous monitoring  of their glucose levels remotely at any time of day. Patients have the ability to transmit data securely and wirelessly to their clinicians or anyone they wish.  An example of such devices is the FDA approved mobile device called Dexcom G5 CGM. Be informed of the various technological devices that could  help you achieve the desired blood glucose levels and also make you rest assured that you are in safe hands. Talk to your healthcare provider about your options today.

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